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Flatley's Foodservice sources the finest quality veal for you and your customers. Whether you are looking for the velvety smooth texture of our milk fed veal or the more competitive price point of our range fed product, you are sure to find what you need. In most of our product selections, we feature a range fed option. Our suppliers understand our expectations and share our high standards. The animals are fed highly specialized diets resulting in creamy color with just enough marbling to melt in your mouth. The velvety smooth texture and exquisite flavor are memorable.

As versatile as it is traditional, lamb continues to be one of the most dynamic center-of-the-plate options. Flatley's Foodservice inventory is packed with options, from heavy domestic product to a full selection of imported items. You will certainly be able to find an item and a price point to fit your menu needs.

Sample Products


  • Racks, Frenched, Cap-off, 6-rib

  • Racks, Frenched, Cap-off, 7-rib

  • Racks, 12/14oz. Baby

  • Chuck Roast, BRT

  • Breast

  • Loins, Bone-in

  • Loins, Boned, Send-All

  • Legs, As/is

  • Legs, Boned, Seamed, Send-all

  • Hindshanks, Hock off

  • Hindshanks, Cut Ossobucco, Send-all

  • Loins, Boned, 1x1, Net-weight

  • Loins, Boned 0x0 to Silver, Net-weight

  • Butt Tenderloin, Peeled

  • Tenderloin, Whole

  • Top Round, Cap Off, Clean

  • Hips

  • Bones, Marrow Cut

  • Veal Neck Bones

  • Stew Veal, Frozen

  • Ground Veal

  • Ground Veal, Extra Lean, Fresh

  • Sweetbreads

  • Livers, Whole

  • Cheeks, Clean

  • Feet, Split

  • Brains

  • Tongues

  • Veal Kidney

Portioned Veal

  • Loin Chop, End-to-End

  • Loin Chop, Porterhouse Only

  • Rib Chop, Frenched, Cap-off, End-to-End

  • Rib Chop, Frenched, Cap-off, Center-cut, Lollypop

  • Rib Chop, Frenched, Cap-off, End-cut

  • Cutlets, Top Round

  • Liver, Sliced

  • Ossobucco, Hindshank 2"

  • Ossobucco, Hindshank 2.5", 3", 4"

  • Ossobucco, 1.5" Petitie (Baby)

  • Veal Tenderloin Medallions


  • Whole Lamb, 25/35 lbs. Imported

  • Whole Lamb, 50/60 lbs. Domestic

  • Racks, USDA Choice, As/is

  • Racks, USDA Choice, Backbone Out, Send-all

  • Racks, USDA Choice, Frenched, Send-all

  • Racks, Imported, Baby Denuded 12/14oz

  • Racks, Imported, Baby 10/12oz

  • Racks, Australian, Frenched, 28/up

  • Racks, New Zealand, Frenched, 16/18oz

  • Racks, USDA Choice, Frenched, Cap-off

  • Racks, USDA Choice,  Frenched to the Eye

  • Chucks, Square Cut, Domestic

  • Breast

  • Flank (Belly)

  • Denver Ribs

  • Foreshanks, Imported

  • Loins, USDA Choice, Block Ready, 1x1

  • Loins, Australian, Boneless, 8/10oz.

  • Loins, New Zealand, Boneless, Denuded 6/8oz. 

  • Loins, USDA Choice, Boneless, 0x0

  • Legs, USDA Choice, Trotter Off

  • Hindshanks, USDA Choice, Domestic

  • Hindshanks, New Zealand, Cryo 2

  • Legs, USDA Choice, BRT, Net-weight

  • Legs, USDA Choice, BRT, Send-all

  • Lamb Tenderloin

  • Lamb Stew, Domestic, Chuck

  • Lamb Stew, Domestic, Leg

  • Ground Lamb

  • Sweetbreads

  • Lamb Top Round - Cap-off

  • Legs, Imported BRT

  • Shoulder, Imported BRT

  • Imported Lamb Rumps (Chumps)

  • Goats, 6-Way, Imported

  • Goats, Cut Cubes

  • Sheep Casing (per Hank)

  • Necks, Bone-In 

Portioned Lamb

  • Rib Chops, Frenched, Domestic

  • Loin Chops, Shorttail, Domestic

  • Denuded Cocktail Rib Chops, Imported 1oz

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