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Flatley's Foodservice sources the finest selection of poultry items, from traditional to all natural and organic selections. We offer a variety of the highest quality chicken, turkey, and duck products as well as specialty game birds. This category is considered a higher profit source for many operators while offering a very creative avenue to chefs. Our customers are always looking for something unique to keep them ahead of the culinary trends.

Sample Products


  • Chicken, Whole, Grade A, 3/up

  • Chicken, Whole, Grade A, 3/up Less than Case

  • Chicken, Grade A, 3/up, Cut-up

  • Chicken Breast, Bone-in, Whole (2-day Notice)

  • Chicken Breast, Boneless/Skinless, Random, Whole Case

  • Chicken Breast, Boneless/Skinless, Random,Less Than Case

  • Chicken Breast, Boneless/Skinless, Sized, Fresh

  • Chicken Breast, Boneless Sk/on or Sk/off, Frozen

  • Chicken Breast, Boneless, Smoked, North Country

  • Chicken Breast, Airline, Sized, Frozen

  • Chicken Leg Quarters

  • Chicken Thighs, Boneless-Skinless, Whole Case

  • Chicken Thighs, Boneless-Skinless, Less than Case

  • Chicken Thighs, Boneless-Skin-on, Whole Case Only

  • Chicken Thighs, Bone-In, Skin-On (2-day Notice)

  • Chicken Wings, 2-Piece, Fresh

  • Chicken Wings, 2-Piece, IQF

  • Chicken Wings, Drumettes

  • Chicken Drumsticks

  • Chicken Backs

  • Chicken Livers, Grade A

  • Rendered Chicken Fat

  • Chicken Feet

  • Chicken Skins

  • Chicken, Whole, Roaster, 5/6#

  • Chicken Breast, Tenderloins, Fresh (2-day Notice)

  • Chicken Breast, Tenderloins, IQF

  • Chicken Breast, Tenderloins, Breaded, Belle & Evans

  • Chicken Breast, Tenderloins, Garlic/Parm, Belle & Evans

  • Chicken Breast, Nuggets Breaded, Belle & Evans

  • Chicken Ground, All-White, House Ground

  • Chicken Ground, Thigh, House Ground

  • Cornish Hens, Grade A Whole

  • Cornish Hens, Grade A Split (2-day Notice)

Game Birds

  • Poussin, Free-Range, Whole, Various Sizes

  • Poussin, Free-Range, Semi-boneless, 16/18oz.

  • Guinnea Hen, Grade A, 2.5/3#

  • Guinnea Hen Breast, Airline

  • Squab, Grade A, 15/17oz

  • Squab, Grade A, Boneless

  • Quail, Bone-in, 4/5oz

  • Quail, Semi-Boneless, 4oz.

  • Quail Eggs

  • Pheasant, Grade A, 18/20oz.

  • Pheasant, Grade A, 2.75#

  • Pheasant, Grade A, Smoked

  • Pheasant Breast, Boneless

  • Pheasant Breast, Airline

  • Partridge, Grade A, 14oz.

  • Semi-Bnls Cornish Hen, stuffed w/ Wild Rice


  • Turkey Breast, Raw, Bone-in, 16/18 or 20/22

  • Turkey Breast, Cooked, Pan Roasted, Ressler

  • Turkey Breast, Raw, Boneless, RTC

  • Turkey Breast, Smoked, Natural, North Country

  • Turkey Breast, Cooked, Halves, Natural, Ressler

  • Turkey Breast, Raw, Airline, Resslers

  • Turkey, Whole, Grade A, 22/24

  • Turkey, Whole, Grade A, 24/up

  • Turkey, Whole, Grade A, 32/up

  • Turkey, Whole, Grade A, Hen, 10/14

  • Ground Turkey, Mixed, House

  • Ground Turkey, Tubes 10#

  • Ground Turkey, All-White House

  • B/S Turkey Thigh

  • Turkey Gizzards

  • Turkey Necks


  • Ducks, Grade A, Frozen

  • Ducks, Grade A, Fresh

  • Ducks, Whole, Moulard

  • Ducks, Whole, Muscovy Drakes

  • Duck, Half, Cooked, with Orange Sauce

  • Duck Breast, Boneless, 7/8oz

  • Random B/S Duck Breast Pieces

  • Duck Breast, Muscovy Drake

  • Duck Breast, Moullard

  • Duck Breast, Smoked, Moullard, North Country

  • Duck Legs, Maple Leaf

  • Duck Legs, Confit

  • Duck Fat, Rendered

  • Duck Bones

  • Duck Legs, Moulard

  • Geese, Whole Natural

  • Duck Breast Proscuito

  • Duck Liver, Maple Leaf, 5# Frozen

All Natural Free-Roaming Chicken

  • Chicken, Free-Roaming, 3.5/up

  • Chicken, Free-Roaming, 4.5/up

  • Chicken, Free-Roaming, Semi-Boneless

  • Chicken Breast, Airline, Free-Roaming

  • Chicken Leg, Free-Roaming, Whole

  • Chicken Slider Patties, 2 1/2oz.

  • Chicken Breast, Free-Roaming, Bnls/Skls

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